BMW F30 Front Lip: M-Sport & non M-Sport Bumper Lips

An aftermarket front lip for the BMW F30 will highlight its inherent sportiness and aggressiveness. Although it is a minor cosmetic accessory, front lips can do wonders for the front-end looks of the F30 3 Series. In terms of performance, they can offer a minor increase in downforce at higher speeds, but nothing

Front lips are available both for F30s with M-Sport and M-Performance bumpers and F30s with base non-M-Sport bumpers. They differ slightly, so keep in mind if your BMW has the M-Sport package or if it is just a regular non-M Sport model.

We’ve also included a compatibility guide and front lip installation instructions, although professional installation is recommended. To conclude, we’ve rounded up some frequently asked questions to help steer you toward the best front lip for your BMW F30.

Front Lip for BMW F30 2012-2018 3 Series

BMW F30 3 Series M Sport Front Lip: Gloss Black

Product Overview

  • Front splitter and lip kit for F30 with the M-Sport bumper
  • Gloss black finish
  • High-quality ABS material for long-term durability

An easy-to-install front lip that fits BMW F30 3 Series with the M Sport package. Its ABS construction ensures long-term durability. Installation accessories are included, but having the lip and splitter installed by a professional is recommended, particularly if you don’t have the right experience.

This is a one-piece, full-length lip; it isn’t split into three sections for easier shipping. It’s made out of top-notch polypropylene material that is durable and lightweight.

The lip comes in a glossy black finish. Some users may decide to have it color-matched, although many prefer to leave the sleek glossy black appearance. If a decision is made to have this front lip and splitter color-matched, sanding/primer is required before applying a paint coat.

For truly improved front-end looks, you can pair this front lip with a set of black kidney grilles. The M-Sport F30 with a front lip and black kidney grilles is one of the best-looking modern BMWs.

2012-2018 F30 Series Base Bumper Front Lip

Product Overview

  • Front lip for base bumper non-M-Sport F30
  • Strong ABS structure makes it durable and flexible
  • Gloss black finish

If you own a BMW 3 Series with the base non M Sport bumper, the NINTE front lip is a perfect fit for your vehicle. Unlike many aftermarket front lip add-ons, this upgrade doesn’t come with a splitter and will fit the original vehicle with an OEM-like fit.

With a gloss black finish, it can match well with any of the factory colors of the F30. From black, to white it will significantly enhance the front end of your vehicle.

This front lip model doesn’t involve any screws – it’s bolt-on installed. If you have solid experience with applying F30 aftermarket upgrades, you might be able to install this feature, but keep in mind that the instructions aren’t included here. To be safe, we recommend visiting a professional to have this upgrade installed for you.

Carbon Fiber Front Lip for M Sport BMW F30

Product Overview

  • Front Lip Splitter for M-Sport package BMW F30
  • Real Carbon Fiber with a glossy finish
  • Bolt-on installation

Compatible with M-Sport and M-Performance BMW F30, this carbon fiber lip it’s made of flexible and high-quality carbon fiber material that greatly enhanced looks with its premium finish.

Although these parts feature bolt-on installation, it is recommended they be installed by a professional body shop. If you are experienced in aftermarket parts installation, you might be able to do it yourself.

Overall, this is a cosmetic upgrade that gives the front end of the F30 an aggressive and sporty styling, and matches well with other carbon fiber accessories such as a carbon fiber spoiler or carbon fiber mirror caps.

Front Lip for non-M-Sport BMW F30 3 Series (Carbon Fiber)

Product Overview

  • Front splitter for non-M-Sport BMW F30 front bumper
  • Carbon fiber finish
  • ABS shell for maximum durability and strength
  • Excellent appearance upgrade for base bumper F30s.

So long as you have a BMW 3 Series F30, made in the years 2012-2018, this front lip and splitter will fit your vehicle perfectly as long as you have a non M Sport model.

In addition to providing an elegant and sleek appearance for your BMW, the front lip splitter combo has practical benefits, as well. For one, at high speeds, it can help improve your car’s downforce, making it much better for sharp turns and improving the overall grip on the road. Additionally, it helps protect your vehicle against scrapes, curbs, and speed bumps.

It is made of top-quality ABS material, and the high craftsmanship ensures maximum durability. This aftermarket upgrade can be installed easily, although the actual instructions aren’t included. It’s recommended these upgrades be installed professionally to avoid damage to the vehicle.

Compatibility & fitment

The front lips and splitters listed are compatible with the 2012-2018 BMW 3 Series Sedan (F30). This includes both M-Sport and non-M-Sport models. To ensure that you’re getting the right product for your vehicle, check your BMW’s specifications and external appearance.

f30 m sport front bumper and front base bumper
M-Sport Bumper (left) and Base Bumper (right)

Front lips made for the M-Sport bumper won’t fit the Base bumper models and vice versa. Make sure to have that in mind. For a full front-end enhancement of the F30, consider an M-Sport bumper upgrade.

How to install a BMW F30 Front Lip

Whether we’re talking about a front lip and splitter combo, or just a front lip upgrade, we recommend visiting a professional to have these aftermarket features installed. If you have a friend or acquaintance with F30 aftermarket installation experience, it might be a good idea to have them there with you to help.

A botched installation can damage your car’s finish by scratching it, chipping it, or worse. Bottom line: paying for professional installation is a much better option than struggling with a damaged front bumper.

carbon fiber front bumper lip splitter for bmw f30

However, if you do have some BMW F30 aftermarket installation experience, you can probably do the job at home. Bear in mind that using car ramps will make your job much easier. And though we’re talking about bolt-on installation here, front lip kits will include some screws.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of a front lip splitter?

Primarily, the front lip and splitter are there to boost your vehicle’s aesthetics by evoking an aggressive feel while retaining the vehicle’s sleek design and class. At high speeds, these upgrades have been known to increase a vehicle’s downforce and aerodynamics.

But the bottom line is we’re talking primarily about a cosmetic upgrade that has little to no effect on performance, similar to a rear diffuser.

2. Can a front lip increase aerodynamic performance in the F30?

At low and regular speeds, there won’t be any discernable increase in aerodynamics with a front lip. If you intend to drive your car at regular street speeds, a front lip is purely an aesthetic upgrade.

However, at higher speeds and sharper turns, you may notice increased aerodynamic performance. The front lip splitter may increase the downforce that helps keep the vehicle’s tires in better contact with the road. But still, with this in mind, don’t expect dramatic upgrades in performance.

3. What are front splitters made from?

The four splitter products from this list are made out of top-grade ABS material, with a carbon fiber wrap on some models. Either way, if you want to color-match them with your car’s finish, expect to have to perform some sanding and refinishing – not something you’re likely to be able to do on your own.

4. Can you install the front lip at home?

If you are careful, experienced, and happy about performing your own aftermarket upgrades, you might be able to install these on your own. However, expect that you’ll probably have to use a ramp and that there is always a scratch/chip risk.

To be perfectly safe, take your car to a professional and have them install the front splitter for you; you don’t want your favorite vehicle to suffer permanent damage, even if we’re talking about scratches and small dents.

Closing thoughts

All mentioned aftermarket front lip upgrades are brilliant choices, as they’re designed to bring the front-end looks of your BMW F30 to the next level. Choose the perfect one for you based on the appearance, and also consider if your F30 is equipped with the M-Sport or the non-M-Sport front bumper.

We’re confident that our article will help you find a front lip for the F30. Happy modding!