BMW F30 M Sport Style Front Bumper Conversion & Installation

The BMW F30 is a stunning vehicle from any angle, but the M-Sport package truly enhances its looks. The good news is that the F30 front bumper can be upgraded to the M-Sport front bumper with ease. This conversion is a drastic upgrade that can make your 3 Series look better than how it came from the factory.

M Sport style front bumpers for the F30 are constructed from the same material as their OEM counterparts, and you can ensure correct fitment with our step-by-step guide. These bumper conversions fit all BMW F30s, including LCI models.

If you want your BMW F30 to look even sportier than it currently does, the M Sport front bumper conversion is the single most important costemic upgrade you can do to your vehicle. Let’s take a look at the best alternatives for an M-Sport style conversion for the F30.

BMW F30 3 Series (2012-2018) M-Sport Style Front Bumper Conversion

BMW F30 M-Sport Front Bumper Conversion without PDC, with Fog Lights

Product Overview

  • Polypropylene M-Sport front bumper for F30 3 Series
  • Fog lights are included
  • Only for cars without Park Distance Control (PDC)
  • Includes a front lip spoiler

This is a polypropylene primered black bumper built as a direct conversion for the F30. The package contains the bumper, a lip spoiler, and fog lights. It also includes all of the hardware necessary for installation. The bulbs will also have to be put in the fog lights and the BMW logo will need to be affixed to the bumper.

Unlike most other bumpers, this one comes with an aero front bumper lip, which will give the F30 a much sportier look than most other aftermarket bumpers.

Note that the bumper doesn’t come with park distance control (PDC) holes. If you have experience with BMW mods, you can try installing the bumper yourself, but taking the car to a professional is recommended.

2012-2018 BMW F30 3 Series M-Sport Front Bumper w/o PDC

Product Overview

  • Unpainted polypropylene M-Sport bumper
  • For BMW F30 without Park Distance Control (PDC)
  • With fog light mounting holes
  • Lip spoiler included

Another M-Sport front bumper upgrade is the black polypropylene front bumper for BMW F30 without park distance control (PDC).

This package contains an M-Sport style front bumper set and a lip spoiler. It doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and there aren’t any pre-drilled PDC holes. The hardware for direct bolt-on installation is included, but it’s still recommended that you take the vehicle to a professional and have it properly installed.

Remember not to discard the old bumper before you remove the BMW emblem from it. In fact, it’s recommended that you keep the entire original bumper. Reaffix it with a proper adhesive to make sure that it sticks to the new bumper.

An excellent aesthetic upgrade that goes well along the M-Sport bumper is a black grille conversion. Paired with the new bumper, your F30 will look like a completely different car.

BMW M3 Style Front Bumper for BMW F30

Product Overview

  • M-Sport front bumper upgrade for BMW F30
  • Without fog lights, without Park Distance Control
  • Includes front lip
  • M3-style bumper

Another option for a front bumper conversion is the M3-style F30 front bumper. This is a primed black polypropylene front bumper that looks even more aggressive than a regular M-Sport bumper.

Inside the package, there’s an M3-style front bumper, hardware for installation, and an aero lip. In addition, it also includes the necessary hardware for direct bolt-on installation. Take note that the fog lights also aren’t included in the package as there are no mounting holes for them in this kit.

An installation manual is not included, so you should probably leave installing it to the professionals. But a seasoned BMW aficionado who has some automotive skills might be able to install the bumper on their own.

Compatibility & fitment:

  • 2012-2018 BMW F30 3 Series Sedan (320i, 328i, 330i, 335i, 340i).

The M-Sport bumpers are compatible with the 2012-2018 BMW 3 Series F30 with or without parking sensors. They’re compatible with both the pre-LCI and the post-2015 LCI Models. Ensure if your F30 is equipped with PDC or with no PDC to select the correct bumper for your vehicle.

BMW F30 3 Series M-Sport Front Bumper Installation

All three bumpers mentioned above can be installed at home, as long as the instructions are followed carefully. However, a misstep can easily lead to scratches, dents, and more serious damage to a vehicle’s body. So, those without a lot of experience with aftermarket installation should take their vehicle to a reputable detailer and have the new bumper installed there.

For BMW owners willing to take matters into their own hands and install that front bumper by themselves, here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it. The step-by-step procedure below:

1. Remove the Front License Plate

The screws that hold the license plate in place often also secure the foam crash bar underneath the front bumper. If there’s more than one license plate, make sure to remove every single one – these shouldn’t stand in the way, and they are easily removable (it only takes a screwdriver).

2. Open the Hood

Pull the indoor hood latch twice and open up the hood. Now, take off the weatherstripping. This is important because the weatherstripping covers the screws that hold the front bumper.

3. Remove the Screws

Remove all the screws holding the bumper. There are six T-30 screws across the top and a T-25 screw over each headlight. Start removing them using the appropriate tools from the topside part of the car.

At the bottom, there are eight 8mm screws underneath the bumper’s bottom side. Make sure to remove these, as well. The process also requires releasing some pushpins, as well.

At the front side of the front wheel area, there are three short 8mm screws on each side, and two longer 8mm screws (on each side) where the side part of the front bumper meets the hood. Remove them all.

4. Disconnect the Fog Lights (And Other Connections)

If the BMW has fog lights, unplug them before removing the bumper to avoid damaging the wiring or another part of the car. Fortunately, the fog lights are very easy to unplug – press on either side of each fog light plug and remove it.

Depending on the car’s model, it may have some other connections. Make sure to remove them before removing the bumper.

5. Remove the Old Bumper

Gently slide the top of the bumper and carefully pull the bumper off. Then, remove fog lights off the bumper (held in place by two screws).

6. Install the New Bumper

Start by reattaching the fog lights to the new bumper. Then repeat the entire removal process in reverse until the new aftermarket bumper is fully installed. There should be no hitches here, as the three mentioned models work the same as the factory default.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would the M-Sport Bumper Need to Be Painted?

By default, all three mentioned models come in primed matte black and are made out of polypropylene, ready to be painted at your local body shop.

m sport unpainted bumper cover
M-Sport Front Bumper Cover

Any reputable body shop should be able to match the bumper to the color of the car’s body.

2. Do These Bumper Covers Include the Front Lip?

Yes, all three listed models include the front lip. However, the last one on the list includes the aero lip, which brings a more aggressive appearance to the table.

Usually, a front lip is a separate upgrade. The good thing is that the M-Sport bumper upgrade kits already include a front bumper lip.

3. What is PDC?

PDC stands for Park Distance Control. It is BMW’s name for distance sensors on the front and the back that can assist you with parking and maneuvering in tight spaces.

Although aftermarket front bumper upgrades that fit vehicles with parking sensors are available on the market, the three models listed here do not. They will work only if the BMW F30 M-Sport is a model without parking sensors.

Conclusion & our recommendation

An M-Sport front bumper will give your BMW F30 a sportier, more aggressive look. Each of the three listed models looks different, but they are all installed in pretty much the same way. Those familiar with auto repairs and upgrades and have aftermarket installation experience should be careful when trying to install the new bumper on their own.

We recommend the M-Sport front bumper with fog lights as it will fit F30s equipped with PDC and includes compatible fog lights.

Should you install it yourself? If you’re new to the world of aftermarket upgrades, it might be better to visit a body shop to avoid any damage to either your vehicle or your new bumper.