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Bimmerly is a hub for BMW enthusiasts, and owners, providing you with up-to-date information ranging from aftermarket mods and product reviews to expert ownership, maintenance, and tuning advice.

What Bimmerly is about

We offer information ranging from vehicle comparisons, and engine overviews, to detailed product reviews, such as aftermarket bolt-on modifications. All written by BMW owners and enthusiasts for the enjoyment of other BMW enthusiasts, owners, and fans.

Our passion and knowledge of BMW automobiles help us inform you better: not only about detailed technical knowledge of engines and performance figures but also about simple aesthetic modifications that can help you make your BMW look just the way you envisioned it.

Our vision and aim

Bimmerly is a provider of a wide range of BMW knowledge. Our aim is to provide the most complete and up-to-date content about past, present, and future BMWs. From product reviews and technical overviews, we hope to make Bimmerly your one-stop for trusted BMW information.

Our team

Brian Morgan

brian morgan bimmerly author

Brian is a BMW enthusiast with a passion for tuning, aftermarket modifications, and general car-guy projects. Brian is the main writer of Bimmerly.com. His current project cars include a 3 Series F30 340i and a 1 Series E82 128i.

Steven Schultz

steven schultz bimmerly editor

Steven has been a motorsport fan since a young age. Since owning an E30 in the 90s he discovered his passion for BMWs and German cars in general. Steven has a vast in-depth technical knowledge of most BMW platforms and he is the editor of technical articles such as in-depth engine comparisons.

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