f10 vs g30

BMW F10 vs. G30 – Which 5-Series is Better?

For decades, BMW has set the benchmark for the sports full-size luxury sedan with the 5 Series. The F10 and the G30 are the latest iterations of the 5 Series, …

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bmw b48 reliability and common issues

BMW B48 Reliability & Engine Problems. Is the B48 Reliable?

The BMW B48 is a turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine that was first introduced in 2015 replacing the N20. It is a vast improvement over its predecessor in terms of efficiency, …

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n55 vs b58 engine reliability

BMW N55 vs. B58 Reliability: Which engine is more reliable?

The N55 was replaced in 2016 by the B58. The B58 is undoubtedly a better-performing engine than the N55, with many improvements in terms of power and efficiency. The N55 …

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bmw n52 vs n53

BMW N52 vs. N53: In-Depth Engine Comparison

The N52 and the N53 were the last ever naturally-aspirated inline-6 engines produced by BMW. While both engines are virtually identical, the N52 has port fuel injection while the N53 …

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bmw n20 vs bmw n55 comparison

BMW N20 vs. N55: Power, Torque, Tuning, & Reliability

The N20 and the N55 engines power a wide range of BMWs, all the way from the compact 228i to the hefty X5 xDrive40e. While it’s clear that they’re very …

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s55 vs b58

BMW S55 vs. B58: Performance, Tuning, Internals, & Sound

BMW has been making impressive turbocharged inline-6 engines since the N54 was first introduced in 2006. The S55 and the B58 are some of the latest and most powerful iterations …

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135i vs m235i

BMW 135i vs. M235i: Engine, Drivetrain, Reliability & Interior

The BMW 1-Series and 2-Series represent a range of BMW subcompact cars designed to offer driving dynamics and luxury in a small and sensible package. The BMW E82 135i 1-Series …

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m340i vs m550i comparison

BMW M340i vs. M550i: Performance, Interior & Reliability

BMW started offering models such as the M340i and the M550i which have elements of M Performance without compromising drivability and comfort. The BMW G20 M340i was first introduced in …

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BMW F30 Sedan vs. F36 Gran Coupe: Full Comparison

BMW offered two medium-sized Sedans for the F-Series generation of cars. The F30 3 Series Sedan and the F36 4 Series Gran Coupe. From the outside, both cars are very …

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