BMW F30 LED Door Lights and Door Projectors

LED door lights are a common upgrade for the BMW F30. They allow you to project a bright light beam or the BMW logo on the ground as you open your doors. They can improve visibility in dark conditions when getting out of your vehicle or as a simple aesthetic upgrade.

The LED lights are plug-and-play, making them simple to install without running extra wires or additional coding. They provide ample illumination and can prevent you from stepping into mud or a deep puddle. Let’s take a look at some BMW F30 compatible LED door lights.

LED Door Lights for BMW F30 3 Series

BMW Genuine LED Door Projectors Light Lamp 63312468386

Quick Overview

  • Genuine BMW product compatible with F30 3 Series
  • High-brightness LED projectors
  • Four different interchangeable designs
  • Plug-and-play
  • Pack of two

BMW LED door light projectors activate when doors open and beam light to the ground in the form of a bright logo projected on the ground. This product is a Genuine BMW part so you can ensure OEM fit, finish, and durability.

The set includes two door light projectors, for the BMW F30 you’ll need two sets of these if you want to install them on all four doors of the car. They are more expensive than aftermarket alternatives, but due to an interchangeable slide system the logo can be changed into four different images.

No drilling, wiring, or disassembling is necessary when installing this product to your F30. The fitting time is around 15 minutes for all four doors.

bmw door light with logo
BMW Door light with logo projected

Overall, this is the best alternative if you prefer to stick to OEM parts due to peace of mind and warranty concerns. It’s priced higher than aftermarket products, but due to it being able to project four different logos it provides a great value.

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BMW F30 LED Door Courtesy Lights

Quick Overview

  • Cree LED chips allow for a high light output while maintaining low power consumption
  • Completely plug and play
  • 12V 5W Power
  • Compatible with BMW F30 3 Series

The LED door lights have quite a high light output and low power consumption due to having premium Cree LED chips, but not at the price of excessive power consumption. If you own an F30 and want a door light upgrade, this is an excellent pick. For a similar upgrade for the interior, you can check out our interior ambient light upgrade guide.

f30 with upgraded door lights
F30 with upgraded door lights

Installing it is a very straightforward process – it’s a direct replacement for the factory door lights. Thanks to the 12V 5W power and a high-brightness LED chip, these door light logo projectors project a bright beam to the ground and are a nice upgrade over the original factory bulbs.

BMW F30 LED Door Projectors with Logo

Quick Overview

  • High-definition LED projector
  • Pack of four BMW logo lights
  • No disassembling or wiring is needed, the lights are plug-and-play

This is yet another option for a LED door light upgrade with the BMW logo. These feature a high-definition projection due to the premium lens and high-brightness LED chips.

The light output is very bright, and power consumption remains remarkably low. You don’t have to worry about the door lights projectors taking a big toll on your battery when your vehicle’s engine isn’t running. LED lights are very power-efficient.

The bright and clear logo can improve aesthetics if you’re a true BMW fan, but also provides sufficient illumination to avoid stepping into mud and puddles when exiting your car.

Door LED with M Performance Logo for BMW F30 3 Series

Quick Overview

  • M Performance logo projector
  • 12V 5W power
  • Plastic pry tool included
  • ABS and aluminum alloy housing for extra durability
  • Plug-and-play, no cutting or wiring needed
  • Available in packs of two or four

This pack of LED Door lights displays the BMW M Performance logo, which would be a great addition to 335i’s or 340i’s with the M Performance package. They also provide ample illumination when opening your door at night, although not as much as the pure white door lights or even the door projectors with the logo.

The kit provides excellent value as it comes with four LED lights, which is perfect for an F30 sedan. Installation is simple due to the included plastic pry tool.

Long-term durability of this product is excellent due to the strong ABS and aluminum alloy housing, which should hold up for many years.

Compatibility and fitment

  • 2012-2018 BMW 3 Series Sedan (F30) pre-LCI and LCI
  • 2012-2018 BMW 3 Series Wagon (F31) pre-LCI and LCI
  • 2014-2021 BMW 2 Series (F22)

How to install LED door lights on BMW F30

All of the products mentioned above are simple to install. Installation can be done at home. Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Pry out the factory door light
  2. Disconnect the factory door light from the electrical harness
  3. Plug the new door light into the electrical connector
  4. Pop the housing of the door light into the door
  5. Ensure all clips click back into place

You might want to use a plastic trim remover to make it easier to remove the factory light. This will make the process of disconnecting the original lights a lot easier.


Do LED Door Lights Require Coding?

No, none of these LED door lights require additional coding. BMW cars are advanced vehicles with tons of electronics that notify the driver when a bulb is out, or a module is malfunctioning. An onboard computer monitors electrical circuits. These door light projectors use resistors to prevent any error codes.

How much power do LED Door Lights draw?

Although they provide powerful illumination, they don’t draw much power as they are LED lights. The maximum draw should be less than 5W. LED lights use less energy than the standard halogen bulbs of door lights.

The F30 has an automatic battery protection mode to ensure you can always start your car when the battery is running low. You shouldn’t be concerned about your car’s battery due to power consumption from the led lights.

Closing thoughts and recommendations

A simple but noticeable upgrade for the F30 are improved LED door lights. You have the option of making the LED courtesy lights brighter and also making them project a logo of your preference on the ground, and it also provides ample lighting for night visibility. They are compatible with any F30 no matter the trim, so it makes the lights a good gift for any F30 owner.

We recommend the Genuine BMW LED Door lights just for the peace of mind of knowing you have OEM parts connected to your electrical system. Still, the aftermarket ones provide great value for the money and customers rarely complain about them.