BMW F30 Ambient Lighting Upgrade for Door & Center Console

An ambient lighting upgrade for the BMW F30 3 Series will let you take full advantage of the incorporated light strips of the ambient lighting package. From the factory, the door lights are dim and hardly noticeable unless it is completely dark outside. BMW might have gotten the interior aesthetic right, but ambient lighting in the F30 3 Series and F32 4 Series leaves a lot to be desired.

Luckily, aftermarket mods are here to help you make your BMW’s interior much more appealing with improved interior lighting. In this article, we’ll look over our favorite interior lighting options:

Ambient Light Upgrade for F30 3 Series

1. Ambient LED Light Strips Covers for BMW 3 Series

Quick Overview

  • Fits BMW F30 with existing ambient lighting
  • Plastic lenses intensify the dull factory ambient lights
  • Installs in mere seconds
  • Works with existing lights, no wiring required

One thing that’s always been apparent about any Bimmer is that it needs no introduction. You don’t even need to see the badge – you’re already well aware that it’s a BMW. However, with all of the glitz that comes with being a BMW driver, what about some subtlety?

This subtle mod is built for F30s with existing ambient lighting, and it turns your regular ambient lighting strips into something more visible and vibrant. The improved ambient lighting adds a touch of sophistication without tearing your eyes out.

Think of this mod as a supplement to the rest of your interior. It’s not one of those in-your-face LEDs that light up your feet – it’s something that you won’t even notice but will most certainly feel. The best part about this particular product is that it requires no additional wiring, so you don’t have to dabble in any electronics. It also fits the BMW 4 series, which makes it that much more appealing.  

2. Car Center Console LED Lights Interior Ambient Lighting for BMW 3 Series

Quick Overview

  • Carbon fiber center console trim with ambient LED lights
  • High-strength ABS ensures durability
  • Dual colors: Blue and Orange
  • Compatible with BMW F30 Sedan, BMW F80 M3 and BMW F32 Coupe (not compatible with M4 models)

When you enter a car, what’s the first thing that you look for. Yeah, the keyhole, the steering wheel, and the ignition. All that’s fine and dandy, but what’s the most dominant, monolithic thing in your car interior? Your center console, of course.

The issue with center consoles is that auto manufacturers have been trying for decades to get them right, and while some have come close, no auto manufacturer has made the perfect center console. There’s always one knob, some light, some tiny detail missing from the center console to make it pop as much as your exhaust when you redline your bimmer.

f30 interior door ambient light upgraded
F30 3 Series with upgraded door and center console ambient lighting

In the F30s case, the only thing that is missing from the center console is some fantastic ambient lighting. This particular product is made for your center console and adds a tremendous carbon fiber or glossy black appearance with some exciting lighting that makes your center console stand out.

Combined with the other product on this list, this is the creme-de-la-creme, the pinnacle of style, and the best addition to the most prominent component in your car’s interior.

3. 4PCS Interior Doors Panel LED Decorative Trims Lights

Quick Overview

  • Door atmosphere lights for F30 3 Series
  • LED lighting with adjustable brightness
  • Orange and blue ambient colors available
  • Needs electrical connection

This product is that it comes in two colors: red and blue, which fit most styles. Getting back to the decadence and driving, the brightness on this LED strip is adjustable, so you can tone it down when you’re driving to the grocery store and ramp it up when you’re on the highway.

4. BMW F30 Interior Ashtray Strip Lights for BMW F30

Quick Overview

  • Center console ashtray light upgrade
  • LED orange and white light
  • Connects directly to the harness in the central control unit
  • Compatible with 2012-2018 F30 3 Series and 2014-2020 F32 4 Series

It’s 2021, no one smokes like a chimney anymore, but your F30 still has a fantastic little ashtray that’s handy for many things. Storing coins, money, or even a bunch of cigarette butts, we don’t judge.

However, how you store your things will give you either a pass or fail in the style test.

An ashtray is one of the subtlest additions to your BMW F30, and giving it a cool light kit will make it pop that much more. Luckily, with the BMW F30 Interior Ashtray Strip Lights for BMW F30, you can make your car’s ashtray pop.

The best thing about this specific product is that it fits both the F30 sedan and the F34 coupe, meaning you can turn any of these fine rides into a subtle killer.

How to Upgrade F30 Ambient Lights – Installation

Installing these ambient light upgrades is going to be reasonably simple. These products are readily available and come with installation manuals, and some even come with accompanying tools. If you’ve ever worked, even a tiny bit, on your car, you won’t have any trouble installing any of these products.

However, if you do bump into some issues, all the listings have a bunch of helpful information on installation that is sure to help you out.


Does the ambient light upgrade need coding?

No ambient lighting modification out of the four listed above requires any additional coding, not it will void your warranty.

Would these products fit any BMW F30 3 Series?

Most of them, yes. Every product on this list, aside from the LED strip, covers any F30 3 series. The LED light strip will only work if your BMW F30 3 series has built-in ambient lighting from the factory.

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