Gifts for BMW Owners: 10 Gift Ideas for a BMW Owner

Choosing gifts for BMW owners can be quite a task. If you are set on giving one of your loved ones a BMW-themed gift there are many accessories and products to choose from. It can be quite overwhelming to decide on a gift but thankfully there are options for all kinds of preferences. BMW owners, drivers, and enthusiasts are sure to appreciate small, yet genuine tokens of BMW-themed gear.

Here are some of the best gifts for BMW owners. If you are in the process of Christmas gift shopping, consider these as inspiration for your present.

1. BMW Navy Cap: Best Gift for BMW Owner

Quick Overview

  • Genuine BMW Product
  • Made in the USA
  • Universal Fit
  • Soft Comfortable Fabric

This is an excellent simple gift that can be used daily. If the person you plan on gifting likes caps and BMWs, this is basically a perfect gift. Given the fact that this cap is a genuine 100% BMW OEM product, the person to whom you are giving this cap is sure going to appreciate the thoroughness.

Most buyers were quick to say that the cap is well-made, comfortable, and its small logo gives it a nice discreet look. It is built to last and to endure moisture, snow, or sun exposure which means that it can be worn throughout the entire year.

2. PUMA Formula 1 BMW M Jacket: Best Gift for Him

Quick Overview

  • 59% Polyester, 41% Cotton
  • Side zip pockets for secure storage solutions.
  • Articulated sleeves for freedom of movement
  • Zipper closure

Continuing on the theme of usable and practical gifts for BMW owners, here is an all-time classic: a well-known Puma T7 sports jacket, with added BMW flare. These jackets are often seen on BMW Motorsport officials in prominent world-racing series such as DTM, F1, or WEC. Every true BMW enthusiast appreciates the motorsport world as much as BMW road cars which is why this jacket is an appropriate gift.

It comes in a wide variety of colors, and sizes, and is designed to be sporty, comfortable, and sleek which is exactly what a BMW owner looks for. It is warm enough to be worn during the winter, but thanks to Puma’s breathable all-season fabric, it can also be used during warmer periods of the year.

3. Genuine Leather BMW Keychain: Best Gift for Her

Quick Overview

  • Anti-scratch & Anti-rust
  • Made of heavy-duty polishing zinc alloy
  • Licensed BMW product
  • Includes a screwdriver

A keychain is always a really good gift for a BMW owner, especially one that matches the style and the colors of the BMW key fob. Existing customers were quick to point out that the keychain feels well-made and able to withstand daily keychain abuse. With a 360-degree rotation and impressive attention to detail, this BMW keychain is every bit as detailed as the key fob itself.

It fits in with the entire look perfectly and also enables you to organize your keys better. Moreover, it also comes with a hefty little screwdriver that often comes in handy while working on your BMW.

4. BMW Drivers Only Mug

Quick Overview

  • Made of sturdy ceramic with 330 ml / 11.2 oz capacity
  • Licensed BMW product
  • High-quality printing
  • Dishwasher safe

If your BMW fanatic also loves coffee or tea, you should consider buying this retro-style licensed BMW mug reserved for BMW owners only. It is a great way to show appreciation for the brand and to complement someone’s passion for the brand. Let’s face it, BMW owners do feel special, but that is to be expected as BMW truly does make special cars.

The cup is designed with ergonomics and style in mind which means that it fits your palm like a glove. The print is high-quality and should indeed be able to stand the test of time.

5. BMW Motorsport Wash Bag

Quick Overview

  • 59% Polyester, 41% Cotton
  • Side zip pockets for secure storage solutions.
  • Articulated sleeves for freedom of movement
  • Zipper closure

Whether you are a BMW car owner or a BMW motorcycle owner, you are certainly going to appreciate a genuine BMW Motorsport bag that not only looks good and is true to the brand, yet is also really practical and offers lots of storage. This bag is perfect for your car items and gadgets and keeps them both safe from dust and water spillage.

With an impressive finish and attention to detail, this BMW-themed gift also combines practicality, style, and convenience into a single product. Many existing customers also pointed out that the bag is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear and shouldn’t be a hassle even after extended wear.

6. PUMA Men’s BMW M Hoodie

Quick Overview

  • 66% Cotton, 34% Polyester
  • Regular Fit
  • Made with recycled polyester
  • Rub cuffs and hem

BMW brand apparel is a must-have for most BMW motorsport owners as these go hand-in-hand with your love for BMW cars. The best part is that this PUMA hoodie is characterized by special small BMW details we’ve come to expect from a large clothing brand. This BMW MMS Essentials hoodie is one of the most popular BMW-themed gifts you can buy.

It is also the 2nd best-sold piece of racing apparel on Amazon as a whole, not just in regards to BMW-themed racing apparel. Therefore, if your BMW enthusiast does not have one, this gift is spot on.

7. BMW Parking Only Garage Sign

Quick Overview

  • High-quality vintage tin plate sign
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy nailing to the wall
  • Licensed original product
  • Strong steel frame

If you want to spruce up your interior décor with fun BMW accessories, this nostalgic BMW parking sign is exactly the gift you need. Made out of high-quality rust-free sheet metal, this sign can also be nailed above your parking spot outdoors. It is a true licensed BMW product made in Germany and designed in Berlin.

We also need to point out that all the colors match those on the genuine BMW logo which adds that special icing on the cake. It is a small yet thoughtful gift that will surely find its place in your home, your bar, or above your parking spot.

8. Red Leather Keychain for BMW

Quick Overview

  • High-quality vintage alloy metal
  • Genuine leather
  • Wear-resistant
  • Includes a screwdriver

If a BMW keychain seems like a perfect gift, but you want the keychain to complement a true BMW M product, this is the one to go for as it is a fully-licensed genuine leather BMW M keychain that matches the style and leather color of most BMW M cars. It is stitched with high-quality contrast stitching, the exact style you can usually find in most BMW M cars.

It is a durable, well-finished product that will last and help you better organize your keys and your BMW key fob. It also comes with a hefty small screwdriver which can come in handy whenever you need to work on some of the car’s smaller components.

9. BMW OBD Code Reader

Quick Overview

  • Clears all major BMW system codes
  • Professional BMW diagnostic capability
  • Enables you to unlock certain features
  • System reset functionality

When it comes to combining functionality and practicality in one, hardly any other BMW gift can match this one. This little machine enables you to dive into your BMW ECU and clear codes and always be on top of whatever is going on with a BMW. It offers all the major functions you’ve come to expect from professional BMW diagnostics tools which means that you don’t have to take your BMW to the shop to find out if something is wrong with it.

It makes your life a lot easier as it is the only piece of BMW diagnostics you’ll ever need. This will also enable you to unlock certain hidden features and adjust hundreds upon hundreds of little details to make your BMW as personal as it can be.

10. BMW Key Case

Quick Overview

  • Genuine BMW OEM key fob case
  • Direct fit for newer BMW key fobs
  • Protects your key fob from bumps and scratches
  • May not fit E90 or older key fobs

Another piece that appeals to any BMW owner is this sleek key case. It’s a genuine OEM item, meaning that it will fit the key perfectly. The case is made of high-quality metalwork and leather, and it does an outstanding job at preventing random door or trunk opening in case of rattling inside a purse or pocket. The leather provides cushioning, and you can easily access the key by tilting it.

The reason why you should go for an OEM key case is to ensure that it functions properly. Going for an alternative manufacturer is a risky investment because such a product might not provide adequate protection. Quite simply, there’s no going wrong with this BMW key case.

Final considerations & our recommendation

When giving a present to a BMW owner, it’s essential to go for something that adds to the experience of owning a BMW. Whether it be a small token of appreciation, a piece of clothing, a mug, or a cohesive BMW diagnostic tool, it must be a functional present for the person who receives it.

Another alternative is gifting the recipient a gift card from their favorite automotive shop or local BMW dealer. Those two places will surely have any that could satisfy the preferences of a BMW owner.

We have compiled what we believe are great gifts for BMW owners, but that does not mean that you can’t go even more personal and buy a gift that matches a specific BMW owner as best as possible. Hope you got some good ideas from this article.