BMW E90/E91/E92 3 Series Blower Motor Replacement & DIY Install

If you are a keen BMW E90 3-Series owner, you probably know about the issue this model has with the blower motor. In fact, BMW even recalled a number of E90 models on some markets due to problems with this part and potential fires the faulty motor can cause. Even though it is a relatively simple and inexpensive component, it can cause a big headache for the owners and leave you without proper heating or cooling, not to mention weird noises coming from your dash.

The easiest way to sort those problems is to replace the BMW E90 Blower Motor with one of the following options. The whole process is not complicated and can be done in a DIY fashion with standard tools. So, if you notice anything strange when you turn on your cabin fan in your car, maybe it is time to check it out and replace the blower motor assembly.

BMW E90/E91/E92/E93 Blower Motor and Resistor Replacement

BMW E90 HVAC Blower Motor with Regulator – Replaces 64119227670

Quick Overview

  • Replacement for part # 64119227670
  • Blower Motor Fan Assembly with regulator
  • Direct replacement for the OEM part
  • Fixes squeaks, grinding, or nonfunctional HVAC fan

We deliberately put this product first since it represents the replacement kit for the whole system. It includes the blower motor and resistor, which is another component that is known for failing. The good thing about the E90-series parts is the fact that BMW used the same components for several models, and for example, this blower motor assembly is interchangeable with 1-Series or X3 models. However, we suggest you double-check before purchase and installation.

Although this is not the OEM part, it is identical to the BMW-issued component in terms of size, materials, connectivity, fit, and finish. This means it will fit your E90 BMW guaranteed, and it comes with a lifetime warranty which is good to know. If you hear the problematic sounds coming from your dashboard and you cannot really tell what the cause is (motor or resistor/regulator), it is better to buy a complete set like this and replace the whole system.

64119227670 HVAC Blower Motor with Regulator for BMW E90 3 Series

Quick Overview

  • Replacement for part # 64119227670
  • Blower motor assembly with blower motor regulator

Another well-designed and affordable option is this product which also includes a blower motor and regulator. Even though this is not the OEM part, it’s manufactured according to the highest standards, which means it is as durable and dependable as the factory part, probably even better since OEM blower motors are notorious for their failing.

This product is manufactured by a company called Benefast which specializes in similar parts. It comes ready to be installed, and it doesn’t require any wiring or soldering. Just position it correctly and plug the connectors.

Blower Motor Resistor 2006-2013 BMW 3 Series E90 E91 E92 E93

Quick Overview

  • HVAC fan blower motor resistor/regulator
  • Cost-effective replacement if only the regulator has failed
  • Needs a functioning blower motor fan

Even though in most cases it is wiser to replace the while blower motor and resistor unit, sometimes your blower motor is actually in order, and the resister is the one giving you trouble. If you manage to determine that this is the case, we suggest looking for something like this – a Motor Emission’s resistor, which is sold as a separate unit.

Please note that this item will fit on a wide range of BMW models, not just on E90 3-Series cars but even some more recent vehicles, like the 2018 BMW X1, for example. Of course, it is always clever to check for compatibility before you decide on a purchase.

Blower Motor Fan Assembly without Regulator BMW E90

Quick Overview

  • Blower motor fan without regulator
  • Cost-effective replacement if only your blower fan failed
  • Fan cage included
  • Needs a functioning regulator

Since the blower motor itself is the one that has been known for failing, you can get just a fan and replace the OEM part. It would be cheaper than buying the whole assembly, but the installation process will be the same.

This electric motor with the fan is built with the highest standards and guaranteed to fit. As you expect, it is interchangeable with several other BMW models throughout the range but always check the spec and numbers before buying.

Please note that this product will include just the blower motor but not the resistor, connectors, or wiring.

Blower Motor FAQ

Symptoms of a bad HVAC blower motor or regulator

1. Weak airflow

When the blower motor is bad, airflow will be weak or severely reduced.

2. Grinding or squeaky fan

You may hear a grinding noise coming from the dashboard on the passenger side. This is a symptom of a broken blower fan or bad blower fan bearing.

3. Unresponsive and unfunctional HVAC

If you turn on your heating or A/C and nothing happens or you can’t control the fan speed, you could be having a problem with the blower motor regulator. The regulator is connected to the motor, and your best bet in solving the problem is to replace the entire blower motor assembly.

When everything is in complete working order, your blower motor should work quietly and deliver hot or cold air where you direct it.

Can the motor and regulator be replaced at home?

Yes, it can be done with standard tools in around 30 minutes. You will need a T20 Torx screw tip and plastic trim remover.

We recommend you do it in your garage since a trip to the dealership may set you back over $500 in parts in labor. You can do it yourself with some patience for just a fraction of that price.

HVAC Blower Motor and Resistor Replacement on BMW E90

The blower motor assembly is located behind the glove box on the passenger side of the vehicle. This means you will have to approach it from the passenger side, and we suggest moving the seat way back in order to get more room to maneuver. Having an additional light source is very helpful.

  1. Locate two screws holding the panel behind the glove box and remove them
  2. Slowly remove the trim panel and disconnect the electrical light connector
  3. You have now gained access to the blower motor assembly, but before you removed it, detach the air duct and disconnect the connectors.
  4. Then, you will be able to remove the blower fan and resistor assembly
  5. Before you physically remove the fan, you need to unbolt it and remove it from the blower box.
  6. If you are looking to remove the resistor as well, you will need a T20 Torx screw head to unbolt this part
  7. Since the resistor is separate from the motor itself, you can change it without removing the blower fan

If you are still having trouble, here are two helpful step-by-step video instructions for all left-hand drive BMW E90’s.

Blower Motor Replacement DIY:

Resistor Replacement DIY:

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