BMW G20 3 Series Interior Mods & Accessories

The BMW G20 3 Series features an exceptional interior that is well thought out in terms of functionality and aesthetic design. However, aftermarket interior mods and accessories can make the cabin more functional or suit it more to your style. Modifying your G20’s interior can also be necessary when contact surfaces eventually wear out.

Fortunately, the aftermarket offers many alternatives to modify the interior of your BMW. This article will examine some of the best interior mods and accessories for the BMW G20 series.

Interior Mods for the BMW G20 3 Series

1. G20 3 Series Center Console Tray Organizer

Quick Overview

  • Organizing tray for the center console compartment.
  • It is made from high-quality ABS material, which is durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Can be cleaned with water.

The original BMW center console compartment has a single storage space. Though the tray is deep, objects can easily get mixed up because of the lack of an upper tray. Fortunately, this organizer tray mod provides the perfect solution to this problem. It equips the center console with an organizer tray where you can place smaller items that need to be easily accessible.

The tray is easy to install as you only have to slip it into place. Extra storage space is not the only strength of this mod. It is made of high-quality ABS material that protects it from early deterioration. The tray can be easily removed and washed easily with water.

2.  Carbon Fiber Shift Knob Cover for BMW G20 3 Series

Quick Overview

  • Carbon fiber gear shift knob trim.
  • Made out of ABS plastic with a carbon fiber outer layer ensures durability.
  • Easy installation with the included 3M automotive adhesive.

Whether you want to replace a worn-out shift knob or just want to enhance the interior of your BMW, this knob head cover trim is the perfect mod for the interior of the G20 if you enjoy the look of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber glossy finish is stylish enough to give your car interior that sleek look you desire.

carbon fiber shift knob mod installed on bmw g20

The shift knob cover is wear-resistant due to the glossy carbon fiber. To install, clean the surface of the shift knob to remove any dust or moisture. Peel the double-sided tape, align it, and add some pressure.

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3. Window Switch Carbon Fiber Cover

Quick Overview

  • Carbon fiber trim for all four window switch panels.
  • 3M self-adhesive included for straightforward installation
  • Waterproof, wear, and scratch-resistant.
  • Made of high-quality, durable ABS material

If the design of the BMW G20 interior window switch plate cover doesn’t sit well with your taste, this carbon fiber pattern trim might just be the replacement you have longed for. It is made from high-quality ABS, coated with glossy carbon fiber.

All four pieces are ready for installation with the pre-attached 3M self-adhesive tape. You do not need to remove the factory trim or cover to install these as these carbon fiber covers simply attach on top.

Although it is an aesthetic mod, this interior window switch plate cover trim also provides additional benefits. It can withstand wear and tear while protecting your original trim. Overall, this is an excellent interior mod for those who want to bring carbon fiber to all four doors of the G20 3 Series.

4. iDrive Screen Protector for BMW G20

Quick Overview

  • Protects the center iDrive screen from scratches and damage
  • Thin 0.3 mm tempered glass with high transparency for clear vision.
  • Helps reduce fingerprints and smudges.
  • 9H hardness ensures high durability.

It is an excellent idea to protect the iDrive screen must be protected since it’s the central part of the infotainment system and the main way to get information about the vehicle’s status. The touchscreen navigation display screen is susceptible to scratches, cracks, and smudges. The screen protector is a great interior mod to protect the quite large G20 center display.

It is made of tempered glass that protects the screen from fingerprint smudges, scratches, and cracks. It has only 0.3mm of thickness, making it clear and transparent with no visual degradation of the screen.

Before installation, make sure to clean the center display to ensure the protector stays attached in place on all corners. It is crucial that the display is free of dust or oils before installing the screen protector

5. BMW All-Weather Floor Mats

Quick Overview

  • Raised edges help protect the footwell.
  • Stainless steel clasp for a firm attachment.
  • OEM genuine BMW accessory.

All-weather floor mats protect the interior of your car year-round no matter the season. If your shoes are wet, muddy, or full of snow, all-weather mats make it easy to contain and clean. Although this is more of a must-have accessory than an interior mod, it is a great addition to the interior of a BMW G20 3 Series.

These mats are a genuine BMW product so quality and compatibility are fully ensured. They fit the driver and front passenger footwells, rear mats are not included.


  • 2019-2022 BMW 330i G20 3 Series
  • 2019-2022 BMW M340i G20 3 Series

Considerations When Looking for G20 3 Series Interior Accessories

bmw g20 interior

Some interior modifications are mainly for aesthetic purposes, while some are mainly functional. So, when looking for G20 3 Series interior accessories, you must consider your specific needs.

1. Cosmetic interior mods

Aesthetic interior modifications add character and style to your G20. While they may also have functional purposes, their primary aim is to transform your car’s look. For example, carbon fiber gives the interior a more sporty and individual look. So, it is used as a finish for mods to improve their appearance. Aesthetic interior mods include:

  • Window switch plate carbon fiber trim
  • Carbon fiber gear shift know

2. Functional interior mods

On the other hand, functional interior mods replace the original accessory to provide more functionality or practicality to your vehicle. While the BMW G20 interior was designed with lots of attention to detail, you can still further enhance the interior with some aftermarket parts that can suit your needs better. Functional interior mods include:

  • All-weather interior floor mats
  • iDrive display screen protector
  • Center console organizer tray

What is the best interior mod for the G20?

We consider the screen protector a must-have interior accessory for the BMW G20. The factory screen is already scratch-resistant to some degree but the iDrive display protector can keep your screen in pristine condition for years.

Closing thoughts

The BMW G20 interior has great features and is one of the best cabin layouts in any BMW. You can use interior mods to substitute original parts with for example carbon fiber trim pieces, or to add additional storage.

Some primarily serve functional purposes, while others are mainly for their aesthetics. Whatever the reason, interior mods are an excellent way to up the looks of your interior and provide extra functions that add practicality, protection, or longevity.