BMW F30 3 Series (2012-2018) Exhaust Tips for 335i, 340i, 328i, 330i

Exhaust tips are one of the most visible upgrades for the rear end of any vehicle. The BMW F30 exhaust tips look good even stock, but they can easily be enhanced with aftermarket tips. Carbon fiber exhaust tips are a purely cosmetic upgrade but can make the car’s rear end look much better.

The F30 can be equipped with exhaust tips with an inlet of 2.5 inches and with an outlet of either 3.5 inches or 4 inches. All F30 3 Series, such as 328i, 330i, 335i, and 340i share the same exhaust pipe diameter.

Let’s take a look at some aftermarket BMW F30 exhaust tips that will enhance the rear looks of your car.

BMW F30 Exhaust Tips – Top Picks

f30 335i 340i 328i 330i exhaust tip

Carbon Fiber 3.5 Inch Outlet Exhaust Tip

carbon fiber exhaust tips for bmw f30

Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tip for F30 328i 335i

blue exhaust tip 2.5 inch compatible with bmw 3 series f30

2.5 Inch Inlet 4 Inch Outlet Exhaust Tip

Which exhaust tips are compatible with the BMW F30?

Although confining our selection to tips that fit the F30 3 Series narrows things down, there are still various F30 models available out there. And we’re talking specifically about the models 335i, 340i, 328i, and 330i.

For instance, the BMW F30 335i and 340i have a 2.36-inch (60mm) exhaust outlet with the factory tips removed. The 328i and 330i feature the same 2.36-inch inner diameter, but both exhaust tips are adjacent to one another, similar to their predecessor.

The outer diameter of the exhaust tip for the BMW F30 should be a maximum of 4 inches across all models. Exhaust tips with a diameter any larger could make contact with the rear bumper.

Exhaust Muffler Tips for BMW 2012-2018 F30 3 Series

BMW F30 Carbon Fiber 3.5 Inch Outlet Exhaust Tip

Quick Overview

  • Fits vehicles with outer exhaust pipe diameters between 60mm and 63mm
  • Akrapovic branding
  • 3.5-inch outlet
  • Black carbon fiber weave
  • Clamp-on installation

This exhaust tip fits exhausts with a diameter of 2.36 inches to 2.48 inches, making it perfect for the F30. The carbon fiber outer texture gives these tips a premium, refined look. The clamp at the end makes it easy to secure to your exhaust system without the need to visit an exhaust shop. The package only includes one exhaust tip, so you’ll need two of them as the F30 features two exhaust pipes.

High-quality stainless steel was used to make this aftermarket upgrade, making it rustproof, corrosion-resistant, durable, and lightweight. These exhaust tips improve the rear end look with its elegant but simple design. Carbon fiber exhaust tips with a carbon fiber diffuser is an excellent combination on the F30.

Fitment & Compatibility:

  • BMW F30 328i
  • BMW F30 330i
  • BMW F30 335i
  • BMW F30 340i

Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips for BMW F30 328i 330i 335i 340i

Quick Overview

  • Compatible with F30 3 Series
  • 63mm inlet diameter
  • Clamp bolt-on installation for easy install and removal
  • Made of high-quality authentic carbon fiber and stainless steel
  • M-Sport badging

Another option for carbon fiber exhaust tips is the Oritech exhaust end tips. Made with carbon fiber and stainless steel, they should endure prolonged use and exposure to the elements. Due to the M-Sport badging, this is an excellent choice for F30 owners looking for exhaust tips with an OEM look.

f30 335i with carbon exhaust tips
BMW F30 335i with Carbon Fiber exhaust tips

The exhaust tip inlet is almost exactly 2.5 inches, and features a clamp to aid you in attaching it to the exhaust without the need to permanently weld it.

Overall, these carbon fiber exhaust tips are a simple touch that can complement well other accessories that enhance the rear end of the F30, such as a carbon fiber spoiler.

Fitment & Compatibility:

  • BMW F30 328i
  • BMW F30 330i
  • BMW F30 335i
  • BMW F30 340i

Upower 2.5″ Inlet with 4″ Outlet Exhaust Tip

Quick Overview

  • Universal exhaust tip that can fit in a wide variety of cars
  • Blue burnt tip
  • Requires to be welded to the tip of the exhaust

Whereas most exhaust tips are black, carbon fiber, or silver, this model features a blueish-metallic color, making it unique, to say the least. It is made with a vacuum plating process that gives it that particular color. Its material is 304 Stainless steel, an alloy that is very resistant to corrosion.

Unlike most exhaust tips, this one requires weld-on installation, which is unlikely to be something that you can perform by yourself unless you are an experienced welder or a vehicle upgrade specialist. You’ll need to take your F30 to the exhaust shop to install these.

The outer diameter is around 4 inches, which is the upper limit with the stock F30 bumper.

Fitment & Compatibility:

  • BMW F30 328i
  • BMW F30 330i
  • BMW F30 335i
  • BMW F30 340i

Compatibility and fitment

Although these tips could fit any BMW with the N55, B58, N20 & B58 engines, we cannot guarantee exact fit on any other BMW’s than the F30/F31 3 Series due to differences in exhaust diameters and bumper styles.

How to install BMW F30 exhaust muffler tips

carbon fiber exhaust tips

Step-by-step installation process:

  1. Wait for the exhaust to cool down
  2. Insert the exhaust tip into the exit pipe of the exhaust system
  3. Adjust the tip to the desired position
  4. Tighten the clamp bolt to 14 ft-lbs with a hex bit to secure the tip

The installation of any exhaust muffler tips should be left to professionals unless you have experience with similar aftermarket upgrades.

Do any of these tips require welding?

However, tips like the Upower Blue Burnt tips require welding, so unless you have such experience, take your car to a muffler shop to install the tips. Bottom line: if exhaust tips don’t have clamps, they require welding/soldering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the diameter of the BMW F30 328i exhaust?

The diameter of the exhaust outlet without tips is 2.36 inches (60mm) on the 328i and 330i.

What is the diameter of the BMW F30 335i exhaust?

The diameter of the exhaust outlet without tips is 2.36 inches (60mm) on the 335i and the 340i.

What is the diameter of the BMW F80 M3 exhaust?

The diameter of the exhaust outlet without tips is 2.75 inches (70mm) on the F80 M3 and F82 M4.

Can you install 2.5-inch exhaust tips on the BMW F30?

Yes, as long as you clamp it down properly to close the gap.

Do exhaust tips change the sound of the exhaust?

No, exhaust tips alone without any other modification won’t change the sound of the exhaust system.

Closing thoughts & our recommendation

All the exhaust tips above are great fits for the F30 3 Series. The choice between them boils down to your style and personal preferences and the way you want to customize your car. We recommend the clamp-on exhaust tips as they are simple to install in your garage without the need to permanently weld them onto your muffler.

Exhaust tips can greatly improve the looks of your BMW F30. Pick your style, install the tips, and enjoy the brand-new rear-end look.