BMW E90 3 Series Exhaust Tips for 328i, 325i & 330i

Although exhaust tips for the E90 won’t improve performance like a full exhaust system, they improve your car’s looks and overall styling. Exhaust tips are cosmetic accessories that attach to the end of the exhaust pipe and improve looks compared to a stock muffler tip.

BMW E90s with the N52 engine, such as the 328i, come with twin exhaust pipes from the factory. The issue is that they are bland-looking and relatively small. We’ll look at aftermarket and OEM exhaust tips compatible with the 328i, 330i, and 325i and go over what you need to know about the installation process and additional information such as the exhaust tip size.

Exhaust Tips For BMW E90 N52

BMW E90 Exhaust Silver Tips for 328i 330i 325i

Quick Overview

  • Available in Black and Silver finish
  • Vacuum chrome plating manufacturing ensures high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Clip-on installation with no need for drilling or welding

This exhaust tip kit features a stainless steel base and chrome finish on the outer tip end. It also has a clamp connection, which is very useful since you can install it yourself in seconds. There is no need to weld or screw in these exhaust tips.

silver exhaust tips on bmw e90 328i
Exhaust tips installed on a BMW 328i

It fits nicely on the exhaust tips of the E90, and is subtle enough to look as a factory-installed item. The silver tips enhance the rear look of the car without looking oversized or out of place. Sold as a pair, it will perfectly fit your BMW E90 3-Series 330i, 328i, and 325i.

Drainage holes ensure water won’t pool in your exhaust tips, and treated stainless steel will last for years without rusting. Mirror polish surface treatment ensures lost-lasting shine.

Exhaust Tips for BMW E90 328i 325i 330i 3 Series

Quick Overview

  • Made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Blue burnt exhaust tip
  • For 2006-2011 BMW E90 328i, 325i, 330i
  • Easy installation with no drilling, no screws, and no welding

These 2.8 inch tips for the E90 have a unique burnt blue chrome finish, resulting in a more aggressive look. It is compatible with E90s with left dual muffler tips, such as all 325i, 328i, and 330i.

Also, this is a stainless-steel product that is delivered with built-in installation clips for a straightforward installation at home without having to take the vehicle to an exhaust shop.

Overall, this would be an ideal choice for E90 owners looking for a bold and distinctive look, with the blue-purple tip being visible.

BMW Genuine OEM Chrome Exhaust Tips for 3 Series E90 2006-2011

Quick Overview

  • OEM BMW Chrome accent tips
  • For N52-powered 3 Series Sedan, Wagon and Coupe
  • Specially shaped for the dual tip muffler of the 328, 330i, and 325i
  • Easy press-on installation
  • Part #82120398334

With a straight cut and chrome finish, this exhaust tip is a bit simpler in design but still a great addition to your E90 BMW. It is manufactured by BMW so you can be assured it is made with high manufacturer standards in mind and bring an exact fit.

Although the price is higher than aftermarket options, we can be assured that it meets very high-quality standards set by the manufacturer. Similar to the others, it can be installed by simply pressing on them until they are secure.

According to BMW, this part is compatible with the E90 325i, 328i, and 330i Sedan and Wagon models, from 2006 to 2010.

BMW E90 Dual Pipe Exhaust Black Tips for 325i 328i 330i

Quick Overview

  • Available in Black and Silver finish
  • Vacuum chrome plating manufacturing ensures high-temperature resistance
  • Easy clip-on installation with no drilling or welding

With a blacked-out finish, this exhaust tip has a more aggressive look. Its made out of stainless steel with a vacuum chrome plating manufacturing process to ensure durability. It fits BMW E90s with dual exhausts on the left side, such as the 328i.

These muffler tips are designed to be easily installed in your driveway or garage with a clamp-on system. After installing these tips, ensure they’re firmly attached before driving off.

This set of exhaust tips maintains OEM-like looks, but the black finish will give the rear end a distinctive touch. Overall, this is an excellent choice if you wish to give a slight enhancement to the exhaust.

Compatibility and Fitment

  • 2006-2011 BMW E90 323i/iX 325i/ix 328i/ix 330i/ix 330d/xd Sedan
  • 2006-2011 BMW E91 323i/iX 325i/ix 325d/xd 328i/ix 330i/ix 330d/xd Touring
  • 2007-2013 BMW E92 323i 325i/ix 328i/ix Coupe
  • 2008-2013 BMW E93 323i 325i 328i Convertible

The exhaust tips listed above are compatible with BMW E90 3 Series equipped with two exhaust tips on the left side and the N52 engine. These exhaust tips may also fit other BMWs with the same exhaust tip and engine configuration.

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E90 3 Series Exhaust Tip Size

The BMW E90 328i, 330i, and 325i have two exhaust tailpipes with an outer diameter of 2.5-inches each.

The tip diameter depends on various factors, and the general rule is that the more performance the car has, it needs either wider exhaust tips or more exhaust tips. The reason is simple, larger displacement or high horsepower engines need a free-flowing exhaust.

How to install exhaust tips on the E90

e90 328i exhaust tips before and after
Before & After Installing Exhaust Tips

Installing E90-specific muffler tips

The exhaust tips specifically designed for the E90 328i exhaust feature internal clamps that are the exact diameter of the inner exhaust pipe. All you need to do is put the tip on the exhaust system and use a mallet to give it a few taps until it is secured all the way in.

Our advice is to wait until the car is cooled down since the exhaust can be very hot after a long drive, and since heat causes the metal to expand if you bolt your exhaust tips on a hot muffler, it might become loose once the metal is cold.

Installing generic exhaust tips

On the other hand, if you install generic exhaust tips not specifically designed for the BMW E90, you need to take your car to the muffler shop for professional installment, as some welding might be required.

Aftermarket exhaust tips can fit the E90 but may require some work to attach them to the tip of the exhaust, such as a custom pipe or welding. We recommend taking your vehicle to a muffler shop if you go with generic exhaust tips.

The two exhaust pipes on the E90 328i and other N52 BMWs are close together that using a generic exhaust tip that secures with an adjustable clamp is unfeasible to use, unfortunately.

Final thoughts

Exhaust tips can give your BMW a more sporty look from the rear. Not only do they offer different colors and finishes, but they also make the exhaust appear wider and more reminiscent of a higher-performance vehicle.