BMW F30 Black Grill: Front Kidney Grille for 2012-2018 3-Series

If your stock BMW F30 grill is scratched or has suffered other forms of wear and tear, you should be looking to replace it with a new one. There are plenty of options on the market, with various colors and designs. However, you can’t just buy any grill you come across since it might not be compatible with the vehicle.

To help you choose the right grill for your BMW F30, we’ll recommend five outstanding models. Plus, we’ll show you how to install your grill correctly.

Black Grille for BMW F30 3-Series – Top Picks

bmw f30 black kidney grill

BMW F30 Gloss Black Grill

bmw 3 series f30 double slat grill

Double Slats Gloss Black F30 Grill

f30 matte black kidney grill

F30 Matte Black Kidney Grill

The most popular option for a BMW F30 grill is an item with a vertical design. We’ve included four such grills, but you’ll also find a piece with a different style. Here are the grills you should consider buying:

Compatibility & Fitment

The grilles will fit BMW F30 3-series sedans from 2012 to 2018 and F31 3-series station wagons. Compatible models include 320i, 328i, 330i, 335i, 340i and equivalent diesel models.

Aftermarket F30 Black Kidney Grille

1. BMW F30 Gloss Black Grille

Quick Overview

  • Double slat for a sportier look resembling the M3
  • Gloss Black color gives the front of the car a more unique look
  • High-quality ABS plastic for durability

This grill was engineered and developed with OEM standards as the framework. It contains 100% raw, non-recycled plastic (ABS), providing a durable construction with strong tabs and clips. Each grill slat and the outer ring has a UV finish, ensuring a product with superb paint quality. Once it’s installed with sturdy tabs and clips, the grill will be a seamless fit, and your car will look even more formidable.

The item doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. On the contrary, the grill looks like a premium product and is an ideal match for your F30.

2. SNA M-Color Double Slats Gloss Black F30 Grill

Quick Overview

  • Double-slat kidney grill
  • M-color package for added style
  • ABS plastic with a UV coating for a long-lasting finish

The SNA M also has remarkable properties. The item closely resembles an OEM product, and it’s made of ABS plastic. You also get outer rings and grill slats with a UV finish. As a result, the product is durable, and the paint is high-quality.

The only difference between this grill and the previous model is the color. More specifically, the left grill has three slats that aren’t painted black like the rest. Instead, one of them is red, and the other two are light and dark blue, respectively.

3. SNA ABS F30 Matte Black Kidney Grille (Double Slats)

Quick Overview

  • Double slat grill for improved looks
  • Matte black color gives the front of the vehicle a more unique look
  • Non-recycled ABS material makes it a long-lasting accessory

Don’t look any further if you’re looking for a matte black grill for your F30. This is another model manufactured by SnAF, and the matte black color will make your car look stunning.

Not only does it create a softer look, but it’s also easy to maintain. With many cleansers specifically designed for matte black, removing any stains or other imperfections from your grill can be a simple task. Just make sure to use a product without harsh chemicals or fillers, and don’t clean with an abrasive brush.

Another benefit of this double-slat matte grill is its ability to conceal scratches. Contrary to popular opinion, matte grills aren’t notorious for their susceptibility to scratching. For example, the micro-marring caused by the poor washing techniques you usually see on other grills isn’t an issue with this model. Even if some tiny scratches occur, they typically aren’t noticeable due to the dark surface.

The grill also passed rigorous testing and quality control checks before public release. As a result, you get the same level of durability as the previous two models. The ABS plastic ensures a remarkable construction that can endure heat generated by sun exposure and the engine.

Another feature retained in this product is the UV finish on each slat and grill. Accordingly, the quality of the paint is superior.

4. BMW F30 Black Grille with Single Slats

Quick Overview

  • Single-slat style kidney grill helps retain factory looks
  • Glossy black gives the car improved looks
  • Excellent for owners who don’t want to radically alter the looks of their BMW F30

Since most dual-slat grills make your F30 3-series appear more formidable, going for a single-slat might be a great option if you want to tone things down. To do so, you can again turn to SnAF and purchase this single-slat gloss black grill.

This is a robust product and features the same ABS plastics the manufacturer uses for the other items. Its durability is unquestionable, and you won’t see any chips and cracks. The grill will also outlast the models produced by different manufacturers.

Once installed, this piece will give the front end of your F30 a clean, sporty appearance. The installation is simple, and the grill will fit right into place once you remove your old one. The high-quality paint adds a lot of style to your vehicle and contains a UV finish.

Another notable advantage of getting this gloss black grill is low maintenance. You can use just about any detergent to clean the grill. This is because the risk of unwanted shine due to polishing isn’t an issue with gloss paint.

5. High Gloss Black Conversion Grille for BMW 3 Series

Quick Overview

  • Diamond pattern with aluminum bits changes the front look of the car
  • Modernize your F30 front looks

If you’re looking for something different from a vertical design, this grill is an excellent choice. The final entry on our list is a grill made of High-impact Polystyrene (HIPS). This material is commonly used in OEM grills. Moreover, the direct bolt-on design makes the item easy to install, and you don’t have to make any modifications to mount the ultra-light grill.

Your BMW will look much better with this model. They make a dramatic difference compared to stock chrome grills and aren’t as heavy-duty as OEM parts. So, if you’re looking to make your car look more formidable and swap out your old, damaged grill, you can’t go wrong with this product.

How to install an aftermarket grille on the BMW F30

First, you’ll need to remove the old factory grille, and install the new upgraded one Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get a drill or driver that can use drill bits. Also, you’ll need T25 and T30 Torx screws.
  2. Load your drill up with the impact bit
  3. Pop the hood and remove the weatherstripping
  4. You’ll see six T30 bolts at the front and two T25 bolts on the sides that go into the headlights. Use the drill to take them out of their sockets.
  5. Once the bolts are out, slide your hands under the four metal clips and slightly lift the bumper. This will give you full access to the tabs.
  6. Reach in and start pressing the tabs. As you’re pressing down a tab with one hand, use the other hand to apply outward pressure to ensure that the tabs don’t snap back into place. Once you get the final clip, the grill will pop right out of the car.
  7. Take the new grill and start installing it. The wider part of the item goes on the outside.
  8. Line up all the holes and apply some pressure to put the grill in the proper position.
  9. Get your bumper back under the four metal clips.
  10. Put the T25s and T30s back into place. When reinstalling the T25s, you’ll notice a little groove around the hole where the screw sat. Make sure to line it up with the groove to ensure a clean, even gap along the bumper. Also, never tighten the screws too hard to avoid cracking the plastic on the sides.
  11. Move on to the T30s. Look for the same groove where the washer sat before and line the bolts up accordingly. Again, don’t use too much pressure, or you’ll risk damaging the plastic.
  12. Take the weatherstripping, fold it in half to find the middle, and press it back into place.
  13. Shut the hood, and you’re all done.

The entire installation should take you about 10-15 minutes. But take your time and be careful not to break any clips or scratch body panels.

What tools are needed for the installation?

  • T25 Torx bit
  • T30 Torx bit
  • Driver that can fit the bits
  • Trim removal tool (optional)

Does the bumper need to be removed?

No, you don’t need to remove the bumper to remove the old grill. You only need to lift it slightly so that you can reach inside to remove the old grill and install the old one.

Are the grilles compatible with all bumpers?

Yes, the grills are compatible with both regular and M-sport bumpers.

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