BMW E90 Bike Racks: Roof Carrier Bars & Trunk Mounted

One of the most popular car accessories these days are the bike racks. Inexpensive, easy to install, and immensely practical Bike Racks for the BMW E90 3 Series are the first step into making your vehicle even more usable. Sure, you can try to squeeze your bicycle into the trunk or try to strap it onto the roof, but there is no need for scratching your paint, damaging the top, or risking having your bike fly off at speed. This could be a real threat for all other motorists.

Thankfully, several excellent products on the market are designed just for BMW E90 models (sedan, wagon, coupe, and convertible), which can help you transport your bikes safely and efficiently. Today, we will showcase the best of them.

Bike Rack Options for BMW E90/E92 3 Series

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount 3-Bike Carrier

Quick Overview

  • Universal 3-Bike Carrier compatible with the E90 Sedan and E92 Coupe
  • Sets up in seconds, easily removable
  • Rugged components with a lifetime warranty
  • Patented tie-down system to protect both the bicycles and the vehicle’s body

The first product on our list comes from the company called Allen Sports, and it is a well-designed and convenient, trunk-mounted bike rack. This bike rack is designed to be universal and fit to all BMW E90-series models regardless of the body style. The rear-mounted bike racks are handy since they are easy to install, do not require you to climb onto the roof to fit them, and are easy for you to mount the bikes.

This Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount 3-Bike Carrier, Model 103DN-R, is built out of lightweight but robust steel alloy and weighs just 4.5 kilograms. This means that the bike rack will not add a lot of weight to the back of your E90 BMW. It comes fully assembled, and all you need is to follow the instructions and mount the bike on the back of your car. This product’s design allows two bikes that are far enough from the back of the vehicle so that the bikes will not damage your paint during the transport.

2. BMW Roof Rack Base Cross Bars for BMW E90 3 Series

Quick Overview

  • Genuine BMW accessory
  • Compatible with E90 Sedan and E92 Coupe
  • Roof rack base can support a bike holder and other roof-mounted accessories
  • Optimized aerodynamic profile for reduced drag and noise
  • Straightforward installation

The second product on our list is the classic roof rack assembly which consists of two racks that mount parallelly on the top of the vehicle. This is the BMW OEM part which means that it is designed and produced with the highest standards in materials, fit and finish, and durability. The roof rack is even more practical than regular, rear-mounted bike racks since they can perform a number of duties and can be used for carrying various loads.

The BMW Roof Rack Base Support System, as it is officially called, is designed to be mounted and bolted in pre-defined spaces on the edge of the roof, just above the doors. This product is for BMW E90 Sedan and will also fit the E92 coupe. Even though some people attempt to carry bikes strapped on the roof racks, we strongly suggest you do not do that since it will almost certainly result in damages. Instead, you purchase the bike carrier, which is mounted on the roof rack and is specially designed for this task.

3. BMW Touring Bicycle Holder

Quick Overview

  • Bicycle holder for OEM roof rack base
  • Carries one bike, up to two bike holders can be used on the roof rack
  • Guaranteed compatibility with BMW cross bars

The BMW’s universal bike holder is exactly what you need once you get yourself a BMW roof rack designed for the E90 sedan. This inexpensive but very useful car accessory features easy installation, requiring you to slide it into the roof rack rails and secure it with the locking mechanism. Since this is BMW’s original product, the fit and finish are beyond doubt, and it can be used with almost all BMW roof racks, regardless of the model.

More importantly, this BMW Bike Holder comes with an essential lock since not only will it keep your bike where you left it, but it will also act as a safety measure since it will forbid it to fall off the holder. Yes, we know that it is a bit harder to correctly position the big downhill-type of the bike on the roof of your BMW, but once you master it, it will be a breeze.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Quick Overview

  • Universal bike rack compatible with the E90/E92
  • Capacity of up to two bikes
  • Can be set up and removed in under a minute
  • Carry arms fit a wide range of bicycle sizes

Another product from Allen company and again is rear-mounted bike rack which is designed to fit all body styles (sedan, station wagon, coupe, and convertible). However, compared to the first product on our list, it has a bit different construction and slightly less weight, affecting its usability.

As with all rear-mounted bike racks, the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R, comes pre-assembled and ready for installation, which is quite simple. This product can carry two full-size bikes and which are located far away from the back bumper of the trunk so you will not damage your paint.

Advantages of Having A Bike Rack on Your Car

There is no active holiday, a weekend in nature, or a fulfilling bike expedition in the wilderness without a good bike rack. Whether you have a rear-mounted carrier or roof rack with a bike holder, it is the only way of safely taking your bikes with you and not worrying about damaging your car in the process. Both concepts are designed to be easy to use, install, and durable as well as affordable, which is precisely what makes them one of the top-rated car accessories.

Do you need a tow hitch to use a bike rack?

Back in the day, bulky, old-school bike racks which were mounted on the back of the car used tow hitch as a basis on which the assembly was placed. It worked best with big and heavy ramps for motorbikes, but in modern days, with lightweight bike frames made from aluminum or even carbon, there is really no need for such impractical contraptions. That is why none of the products mentioned above will need a tow hitch.

How to Install a BMW E90 Bike Rack

The installation process for BMW E90 Bike Rack is surprisingly easy. There is no actual installation in the rear-mounted bike rack; you just place the stand and connect it to the trunk cover and make sure that it is firmly in position. This means that you can easily remove it when it isn’t used.

The installation of the roof rack is slightly more complicated but still in the realm of any user. Just place the racks into the correct slots on the roof, tighten the bolts, and you are good to go.

Our recommendation

So, we have already defined that having a bike rack on your E90 series BMW is the only way to transport your bikes and enjoyed a ride in nature without any worries. But, which one to get. Our choice would be the Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount 3-Bike Carrier, Model 103DN-R, as the best, all-around solution which is easy to install, can carry two bikes, built out of quality materials, and provides the best support for the bikes.

Please note that having bikes on the back or the roof will result in slightly increased fuel consumption due to the fact that the bikes will affect your vehicle’s drag coefficient.  

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