BMW S63/S63TU Turbo Upgrade: Full Upgrade Guide

However, for those seeking even greater performance out of their S63-powered BMW, there are several turbo upgrade options available for the S63 and S63TU engines. These upgrades can unleash the true potential of your BMW and take it to new heights of power.

When considering a turbo upgrade, it’s important to keep in mind that the S63 engine will require additional bolt-on upgrades to handle the increased boost and power.

Each turbo upgrade option offers different characteristics and power gains, so it’s essential to understand your power goals and choose the right kit accordingly.

In this guide, we will explore some of the popular turbo upgrade options for the S63 and S63TU engines, providing an overview of their features, estimated horsepower and torque figures, and other essential details.

Turbo upgrade options for the S63 & S63TU:

1. Weistec Engineering W.4 Turbo Upgrade

The Weistec W.4 Turbo Upgrade for BMW S63 is a comprehensive bolt-on replacement kit offered by Weistec Engineering, a renowned aftermarket performance company specializing in European performance cars.

This kit features a complete bolt-on replacement kit for your existing setup with all the necessary accompanying hardware to install the turbos. It includes new turbo inlets that bolt right into the existing airbox (stock or aftermarket). It also includes upgraded charge pipes ready for a methanol injection kit. Custom Weistec downpipes are also included.

weistec w4 turbo upgrade for bmw s63
Weistec turbochargers for S63

You can choose between three sizes depending on how much power you want. Additionally, you can also opt for a water/methanol injection system and anti-surge valves with this system for maximum power gains.


  • Price: $12,999.00 for the GTX3071R GEN II package (+$1,000 for GTX 3076R, + $2,000 for GTX 3576R, + $2,300 for GTX 3582R)
  • Estimated horsepower & torque: Up to 1,000 whp & 900 wtq
  • Factory Turbo Housing: No

2. Pure Turbos Stage 2 Kit

An equally popular package is the Puro Turbo Stage 2 kit by Pure Turbos. This turbo upgrade package includes CNC-machined new custom turbine wheels, a custom-made billet compressor wheel, a balanced high-speed VSR, and new seals and fitment parts.

The Stage 2 Kit is designed to provide substantial power gains while retaining the factory turbo housing, making it a convenient upgrade option.


  • Price: $6,795 with a deposit, $4,995 without a deposit
  • Estimated horsepower & torque: Up to 900 whp & 982 wtq
  • Factory Turbo Housing: Yes

3. Weistec Engineering W.3 Turbo Upgrade

For those looking to upgrade the stock turbocharger setup on their S63TU, the Weistec Engineering W.3 Turbo Upgrade is an excellent choice. This package involves disassembling and fully inspecting the turbochargers, followed by machining the compressor cover and center cartridge using CNC technology.

The benefits of this setup are that it keeps OEM parts and styling but also includes a new impeller wheel and new seals while keeping the original oil and coolant lines which makes this kit easy to install.

For optimal results, pairing the upgrade with a Weistec W.3 Turbo Specific ECU Upgrade is recommended.


  • Price: $4,999
  • Estimated horsepower & torque: Up to 900 whp & 850 wtq
  • Factory Turbo Housing: Yes

4. Pure Turbos Stage 1 Turbochargers

Lastly, we are also going to mention another option made by Pure Turbos which consists of a Stage 1 upgrade package for existing S63 turbochargers. This package includes an upgraded billet compressor wheel, heavy-duty large pad thrust upgrades, and balanced high-speed VSR.

The Stage 1 Turbochargers are meticulously machined using CNC technology, ensuring precise fitment and performance.

This package also includes sending your existing units right after purchasing (no deposit needed) or waiting until your new units arrive (with a deposit that will be returned after receiving your existing turbos).


  • Price: $4,280 with a deposit, $2,820 without a deposit
  • Estimated horsepower & torque: Up to 821 whp & 867 wtq
  • Factory Turbo Housing: Yes

BMW F90 M5 S63B44T Turbo Upgrade

1. Got Tuned Hybrid Turbos for BMW F90 M5 S63B44T

For the F90 M5, we are going to list this factory turbocharger-based upgrade kit manufactured by Got Tuned, a Polish performance parts manufacturer which specializes in a wide variety of brands. The package includes a custom-made CNC compressor wheel made from Billet and larger turbine wheels.

s63 upgraded turbo and factory turbo
Upgraded turbo compared with factory turbo

If you want the full shebang, you will also have to go for the GOTTUNED S63 +920 package which includes bigger billet blades, and a bigger but lighter 9-blade turbine wheel. This is the ultimate plug & play package for the F90 M5 which means that it is relatively easy to install.


  • Price: 1,625.20€ – 6,649.59€ depending on if you want 820hp/920hp or turbo upgrade/complete turbo package
  • Estimated horsepower & torque: Up to 814 whp & 781 wtq
  • Factory Turbo Housing: Yes

Can you single-turbo a BMW S63?

While it may be technically possible to do so, it hasn’t been done before for a wide variety of technical reasons.

Single-turbocharging a twin-turbo engine requires extensive modifications, including altering the exhaust manifold length and custom-fabricated parts.  The unique design and placement of the exhaust manifold on the S63 engine make this conversion impractical.

 As a result, there are currently no available kits for single-turbo BMW S63 engines.

As fun as a single-turbo S63 sounds, this is not something you should consider if you don’t have vast experience in automotive engineering.  It’s important to note that attempting such a modification without sufficient expertise can lead to severe engine damage.

Additional Considerations When Upgrading Turbos in the S63

Upgrading your turbo setup involves more than just installing larger turbos. To ensure your S63 engine and car can handle the increased power and load, there are several other modifications and considerations to keep in mind.

Stage 1 vs. Stage 2 Turbos

Stage 2 turbo mods offer more power and torque, but require additional upgraded parts. Stage 2 turbos are generally larger non-stock turbos that push the costs of getting this upgrade done. A stage 1 turbo typically relies on an upgraded stock (OEM) turbo setup.

Stage 1 turbos will top out at around ~850 wheel horsepower, and stage 2 turbos will top out at ~1100 wheel horsepower.

In our opinion, a Stage 1 turbo upgrade will most likely leave you satisfied power-wise. The S63 is no slouch to begin with. 900 horsepower on the track isn’t going to make a huge difference as S63-powered BMWs tend to be heavy cars.

Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade Considerations

If you still aren’t convinced and want a Stage 2 upgrade, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, a 900hp+ engine will likely need built internals to be able to cope with the additional stress and load. Building the engine with stronger connecting rods, stronger pistons, refreshing the rod bearings, and rebalancing the crankshaft is recommended.

forged pistons for s63 engine
Replacing factory pistons with forged pistons is recommended

You will have to consider upgrading your rear axles as factory axles weren’t intended to endure the stress of a Stage 2 tune with upgraded turbos.

Upgrading your engine mounts is also a good idea to keep the power controlled and reduce power sapping. A stiffer suspension is also recommended to help the rear wheels put the power down in a predictable manner and to help with high-speed cornering.

Supporting mods needed

1. ECU tune

You’ll need a well-calibrated ECU tune according to the modifications and turbo kit you’ve installed. You can opt for an OTS tune, or you can bring your car to a reputable European tuner for a custom tune.

2. Catless downpipe

A catless downpipe will also be needed to make the exhaust flow freely, helping the turbos spool more in the process. It can affect the car’s emissions profile and potentially lead to you not passing your emissions testing. Not having a catalytic converter on your car may be illegal depending on the jurisdiction.

3. Injectors

Other notable upgrades include upgraded injectors which ought to deliver fuel to your engine at a higher rate to avoid lean running conditions which can cause engine damage if left unchecked.

4. Upgraded cooling

An improved cooling system is a must as adding this amount of power will generate extra heat that needs to be dissipated efficiently. Consider upgrading your radiator to a bigger unit that can dissipate the extra heat that the engine will generate with larger turbochargers.

5. Aftermarket Intakes

Dual cone intakes will let the engine breathe a bit better and thus will benefit the performance in every way. An upgraded intake with less restrictive airflow will also let you hear the turbos sing even inside the cabin.

6. Stronger clutch, driveshaft, and axles

It’s also a good idea to upgrade your clutch in order to be able to cope with the added torque while stock axles and a stock driveshaft may not last under the added stress of all that extra power.

Are these turbos compatible with any S63 BMW?

As you can see, there are a few variants of the BMW S63 engine which means that not all S63 variants are equal. The original S63 that powers the F10 M5 is compatible with most turbo upgrade kits.

On the other hand, the BMW F90 M5 and the F95 X5 M use the comparably newer S63B44T3 engine which uses different piston heads, a slightly different exhaust manifold design, and slightly different turbos. The S63B44T is not compatible with turbo upgrade kits for the original S63.

Closing thoughts

Upgrading the turbochargers in your BMW S63/S63TU engine can significantly enhance its performance.

Whether you opt for options like the Weistec Engineering W.4 Turbo Upgrade, Pure Turbos Stage 2 Kit, or others, consider the additional modifications required to ensure a reliable and well-rounded upgrade.

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